It only should

It only should All should be built in the form of game, and then he will not be tired.

It only should change these games.

Boys and girls – We should arrange separate camp for boys and separate for girls or it is one camp Or we for a month take away boys in one mehundred, girls – in another– I think, the last option – the best.

Because, in principle, association can be only between the man .

And between women – differently.

Between that and others association proisgoes already absolutely on other basis.

– In what basic difference of these two forms of the organization of space – Everything about what we speak, in general is meant for boys.

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Suitable Children adore these books a big format, on fine paper, with the magnificent press, with lovely, kind animals, with all that they see round itself in life.

Suitable there will be Verses and fairy tales for the smallest S.

Marshak with illustrations of the Village Bordyuga and N of Trenton Planet Childhood, Surely buy this book, if it to you the priest to get to there you will find everything that it is necessary for you for a start.

Look for books Drofa publishing houses, get releases gold pages, let out by the Moscow publishing house Olmapress and Krasnoyarsk Bonus in addition, according to these books you will teach the child to read.

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Child labor

Child laborVasily Aleksandrovich steadily emphasized,that since the first days of stay in school the childshould treat work validly.

Childhoodshould not be a constant holiday; if is not presentlabor tension, feasible for children, forthe child remains inaccessible and happiness of work.

in work the richness of the human relations reveals.

Child labor conceals in itself huge force.

If childmade efforts, working for other people,Simple truth of the pavlyshsky teacher Century Sukhomlinsky and it brought it pleasure, considered Sukhomlinsky,he cannot become the bad person.

Very important point in system of labor educationSukhomlinsky the provision on that is,that work allows most fully and to open brightlynatural inclinations and tendencies of the child.

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Diary record

Diary record Doubtin whether plays me my own body, I decided to pray and tell fortunes again.

Having adjusted on Mother the Nature, I took a pack Magic of animals and opened the diary.

Diary record from April What I need to know in connection with my physical condition I pulled out the card a dolphin.

I remind that it not an invented story! It is dumbfounded looking at the card, I remembered easter vision with a dolphin.

Listen to rhythms of the body and creation process in you I heard.

The new stage of your life begins.

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My love to them

My love to themcom.

Small Buddhas Arlen Riddik When two months ago I began A course of children psychics details on a site httpemissarvofliqht.

com, me it was possible to endure very deep experience.

Meditatin I plunged into that condition when, apparently, you fall outside the limits yourself, turning in something bigger, than you.

And I saw myself on the deathbed, the ancient old woman.

My two girls, Abigal and Grace, already adults stood on the bed parties, holding me by hands.

My love to them was huge and full.

But the most surprising that during this meditation I could look back on all the life.

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